D and D Standard Poodles


D and D Standard Poodles in their new homes

This page includes pictures, updates, and testimonials from new owners of our puppies. 

We love to get updates and pictures of our puppies in their new homes! Please feel free to share anytime! You're welcome to send us pictures and updates directly to us or by sharing to our website or Facebook page. 

Thank you to everyone who has shared updates and pictures! 



Teddy is now living in California! Teddy's new owners flew into Philadelphia where we meet them with Teddy, and then Teddy got to fly to his new home in California along with his new owner's company. 

Teddy's owner also gave us a 5 Star review on our Facebook page 

"After a search and review of the top Standard Poodle breeders in the United States found on the AKC website, I identified 8 breeders and called each one. I wanted to find out what puppies were currently available and I wanted to get a sense of what each breeder was like. To me the breeder is the first consideration. Great dogs don’t just happen. They are a factor of the breeder’s knowledge, professionalism and experience. A good breeder is your partner to give advice and answer questions as your puppy grows into adulthood and beyond.

I located a handsome, male puppy. White as snow, with a personality that makes you melt. His name is Teddy and he comes from D and D Standard Poodles in Fleetwood, PA (near Reading, just northwest of Philadelphia).

I decided on D and D Standard Poodles after numerous phone conversations, texts and emails with the co-owners, Diane & Kim. I asked lots of questions about Standard Poodles, including potential health issues, their breeding philosophy and Teddy’s mom and dad as well as generations preceding them.

I was particularly concerned about known Standard Poodle health issues, and potential inbreeding. Diane & Kim answered all of my questions and gave me confidence that they do everything possible to make sure their puppies are healthy, both physically and emotionally.

They even drove Teddy to Philadelphia airport, one and a half hours from Fleetwood, PA, to meet my flight from Los Angeles. And, stayed with me two hours so Teddy could get comfortable with me and start bonding. Then we got on our way back home to LA.

Since returning home, I have texted Diane & Kim and spoken by phone several times. They always respond quickly with helpful information.

I’m looking forward to years and years of love and happiness with Teddy.

— Gary Senser, Manhattan Beach, CA"


Teddy and his new owners at Philadelphia International Airport before flying home to California.

"Teddy is a perfect gentleman and great traveler. This will be the first of many trips together. So very well behaved."

"Teddy sends his love from California❤️"



D and D Standard Poodle puppy Watson joined his new family in NY along with their Standard Poodle. 

Three weeks after Watson went to NY to join his new family we got the following up date and pictures

"I just have to tell you Watson (that is what we named him), has fit in so perfectly in our home - he is absolutely adorable, smart, affectionate- so cute!
He already sits, gives paw, rolls over. and knows the command down-

We  put him in our bed the first night we got him, and he has been there ever since- such a good boy!

He follows our older guy Parker (just turned 11) everywhere, and has now mastered the stairs-

So, just want to thank you- we are so happy!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Warmest Regards, Miriam"

Miriam sent the following photos with the above update. You will see their new D and D Standard Poodle puppy Watson, who is the smaller of the two Poodles pictured along with his family's other Standard Poodle Parker. 


We are so excited for Mickey and his owner. Mickey is working towards becoming a service dog for his owner. 

Mickey's owner left us a five star review on Facebook: "  Not only helpful but kind!!! Honestly I did so much research and finding d and d was such a great gift ! My pup is the most beautiful thing and I can't wait to grow and learn with him and stay in contact with his awesome breeder!!!!! "

"He also is the cuddliest most loyal love dog. I am just so excited to keep watching him and grow"

Mickey and his owner came to visit us at the National Dog show. It was great to see you both and get updated on how Mickey was doing including his training. 



"Ellie out at the shopping center today."
"Ellie has fit into our family so seamlessly and my 7 yr old spoo and Ellie are becoming great friends."

"Just wanted to send a photo taken today. She’s doing really well and has adjusted so easily. And look how beautiful she is! Thank you for her! Beverly"


"Just wanted to send you some pics of Ellie - she’s with Charlotte in one photo and with her older brother in the last photo. 
She’s so smart and focused - what a joy to have! Thank you for allowing us to be her family!!"

In the photos below you will see the photos Ellie's owner sent us along with her message above. In the one photo Ellie is laying down and her "big brother" poodle their owner's had before adding Ellie to their family is sitting up behind her. The white poodle she is pictured with is her sister litter mate Charlotte. Its so nice to see that these litter mates continue to be able to get together with their new owners. 


Charlotte joined her new family, below are updates and pictures from them. One of Charlotte's owners is a groomer and trainer! 

Charlotte's owner gave us a five star review on Facebook:  " Just added a precious baby girl from D and D standards this past week and she is lovely! She sleeps through the night , hasn't had an accident yet, and is soo smart ! I can see she was thoroughly socialized and worked with I especially love the fact that her parents compete in obedience and sports - shows they truly love their dogs � highly recommend breeder !"

"Charlotte and her sister Elenor"

" I know Beverly They go to the same puppy kindergarten!" 

Its great to see that these sisters to get to get together with their new owners, and that they are both in puppy kindergarten. 


Phoenix's new owner is a trainer and groomer, as well as he has some furry new family members too. 

"So right after I sent the last email I grabbed my phone, told everyone to sit and stay and took a few shots. The obedience work is starting to stick with the little man! (They all had Halloween bananas earlier, but they had to go for Tana and Phoenix due to playing.) They're a hoot together!

On a separate note, I took him to the club and he "helped" with my last two PK classes and had a great time. So cute! And he will be going as my new demo dog on Monday when the next couple sessions starts, so he's learning those exercises. Of Course, Tally will be there, too. He will also start a separate foundation type class at another training facility in a couple weeks.

Also housebreaking is almost complete except for puppy dribble occasionally.  And he's totally into the house routine, feeding time, bedtime, etc,

One great puppy Diane! I'm so glad I met you at that show and got this little guy."


Ivory & Beaux

Update sent to us by Lola's owners
"Just wanted to let you know the whole family is in Love with Lola Ivory! She is doing great and is so sweet and smart, and is beautiful! She is becoming so comfortable and testing the waters! "

Lola's owners added a second D and D Standard Poodle puppy to their family - Beaux

"Diane is a great breeder, my Lola and now Beaux, part of this new litter are great additions to our family! Such smart dogs! Lola at 10 months is the most well behaved lady and Beaux is is sweet rambunctious puppy! But he is extremely smart and happy!"

Lola showing Beaux his new yard!

"Lola is patiently putting up with her little brother stealing her toys!"

"Beaux's first visit to Home Goods! Such a good little guy!"

"Snow puppies!"

We're happy to see Lola and Beaux on a regular basis for their grooming needs and to watch them while their owners are away. Its great to see them on a regular basis.



Pictures and updates from Beau's family 

"This is Beau, he is being goofy in the middle of a training session here :) He knows sit, down, paw, and stay! He is going to a puppy social class tomorrow and has met a few of our friends' dogs that we know are vaccinated. We are still working on housebreaking him!" an update from their first week with Beau

"I almost forgot, there was a documentary being made in Princeton University about the president of Peru, and Beau was right there being cute, the cameramen fell in love with him and took a shot of him running through the graduate college! I cannot wait to see him in the documentary 😊"


"he is riding the Boston subway here :)"


"everyone loves him!"


"This is his new haircut!"

Beau's owner gaves us a five star review on FacebookDiane is an excellent breeder, and these puppies come from health tested parents and champion bloodlines. The puppies have so much potential to be more than just a pet! My puppy Beau is perfect, eager to please, loves people and other dogs, very smart, and just a joy to work with. His temperament is wonderful."

Beau has his first AKC title at nine months old! 

"Just wanted to let you know Beau just passed his CGC test"

"we are starting an obedience novice class with him, our trainers love him!"

We have also signed Beau up for a novice obedience skill building class. 
We'll keep you updated in his progress in that program

And here are some pictures of Beau enjoying the fall foliage in new Hampshire.

Beau's Christmas picture
"Beau sends his love from Massachusetts 🐩"

Angel von Prancer

Pictures and updates from Angel von Prancer's family

"she is adjusting quickly thank you"

"We are so in love with our puppy., she is as smart as a whip."

as well as she left a 5 star review on Facebook 

"If you are thinking about adopting one of these beauties and if you would like a reference I will be happy to let you know our experience with Angel von Prancer. She is amazing and after almost 2 weeks with her we are head over heels in love. I've attached a picture I took today."

" My husband and I are so happy with our beautiful puppy, we've had her for five weeks now. She is healthy, happy and well adjusted. Angel von Prancer is as smart as a whip, and a joy to have in our home. Everyday she makes us laugh. Diane is truly a great caring breeder." 

We love getting to see Angel Von Prancer on a regular basis as she comes in for grooming. 


"My husband and I are so happy with our beautiful puppy, we've had her for five weeks now. She is healthy, happy and well adjusted. Angel von Prancer is as smart as a whip, and a joy to have in our home. Everyday she makes us laugh. Diane is truly a great caring breeder."


"Angel von Prancer is enjoying her first spring. 15 weeks old the world is for exploring."


Angel before and after coming back for grooming. It was great to see Angel and her owners again.


"Angel von Prancer loves the snow"

"Just over 1 year ago this crazy, silly, amazingly smart puppy burst into my life. To say Angel von Prancer is surprising me every day is a huge understatement. What you and your Mom do with these dogs at D and D Standard Poodles is awesome. I'm so happy I met you and your Mom and to have you as friends is an unexpected bonus. Thank you for one of the BEST puppies ever, she is my partner and sidekick."


Not only do we get picture updates, but we see Angel Von Prancer for grooming. Its great to see her on a regular basis. 


Bobby Jean

Pictures and updates sent to us by Bobby Jean's family 

Bobby' Jean's owner left us a 5 Star review on Facebook page "Almost a week with our new baby Bobby Jean. We are so in love with this little girl. Happy, healthy, so well adjusted, and eager to please. Really appreciate Diane's poodle knowledge. We had a few conversations leading up to getting her, and Diane was 100% correct. She sits, great in the car, and doing well with housebreaking and crate training. Contacted several breeders in our search, thrilled we found D and D Standard Poodles. Can't say enough about this how easy and honest it was working with D and D to get this beautiful poodle!" So glad to hear you are happy and she is doing well

She said "The making of my beach baby🐩" along with the picture of Bobby Jean running on the beach


Pictures sent to us by his owners!



Pictures and updates from Bentely's family:

Bentely's owner's reviewed us on Facebook - 5 stars "I am so so glad that we met Diane of D and D Standard Poodles! We are madly in love with our new puppy Bentley formerly Green Puppy. He is so smart and gentle and just a doll. He came to us already knowing sit, come and has been learning more every day. At his 1st vet visit yesterday, we were told what we already knew, that he is beautiful, smart and has a wonderful disposition. I can not thank you enough Diane" we are so glad to know you are so happy with him


" Bentley has already made himself at home in his new doggy bed"


"Diane, we wanted to give you an update on Bentley, as you can see he has grown so much and is so adorable! People stop us on the street and even stop their cars to tell us how cute he is. We were approached about having him be a therapy dog and he is being screened this week. He is a triple threat, cute, smart, and the most amazing temperament!!!! We can't thank you enough for such a wonderful addition to our family."

"Just another quick update on our amazing, smart, adorable Bentley!! Diane I can not even begin to tell you how awesome Bentley is. People stop us on the streets all the time to ask where we got him, and how beautiful & SMART he is. A few people are interested in knowing when you will have another poodle litter. And I hate to brag but he was just screened by both a veterinary and trainer and has been approved to become the youngest dog to be approved as a therapy dog and has been to to locations so far. We owe all this awesomeness to you!!!! We can not thank you enough. "

"we continue to be madly in love with Bentley and the compliments are never ending. No matter where we go with him people love his personality and his calm temperament"


The following updates and pictures are from Benjamin's owner

"I named him Benny. He is the best little puppy" and sent us this picture and said "He is so good!"

She also said "My walking and over all health is so much better since I gt him. He keeps me active. I will send you pictures soon. take care" 

 "He is so cute" 

 "Everyone loves him, I'm so happy that they let me bring him to work. He is doing well in puppy school and is so smart I really have to watch his every move. He runs in the backyard in the morning and around the office at work. He naps under my desk. It so nice to have him around" 

P "I work in supervised housing and my clients love Bengamin. ____ in the picture is very quiet, and your puppy boy loves her and often goes to sit by her :) "  

" Another client now that its nice out we can take him on walks" 



Arrabella went to Grace, who is groomer. Arabella gets to go to work everyday with her owner. The following are pictures of Arabella in her new home and at work. 

Thank you to all our of puppy's new owners for all the wonderful updates, pictures, reviews, and visits! We love getting them and appreciate it.