D and D Standard Poodles 

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This page of our website has information regarding D and D Standard Poodle puppies including what we do with our puppies before they leave for their new homes.

If you are interested in adding a D and D Standard Poodle puppy please read over this page of our website as well as the waiting list and puppy application page our our website. The waiting list page of our website provides information on how our waiting list works, as well as the waiting list and puppy application. 


Current puppies


Sire: UKC CH Mount Bethel D and Ds Interstellar Traveler Javier CD BN RA RE CGCA TKN


Dam: UKC CH D and D's Giselle Up and Over the Top CGCA BN RN RAE CD



Javier is a UKC Champion.


Javier's AKC titles include: Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Community Canine (CGCA), Novice Trick Dog (TKN), Beginner Novice (BN), Rally Novice, Rally Advanced (RA), Rally Excellent (RE), Companion Dog (CD). 

Giselle is a UKC Champion.


Giselle's AKC titles include: Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Community Canine (CGCA), Beginner Novice (BN), Companion Dog (CD), Rally Novice (RN), Rally Advanced (RA), Rally Excellent (RE), Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE). 

Giselle's AKC title certificates can be seen below.


Javier has been OFA health tested. His health testing information can be seen below, or by clicking here to go to his health testing information on OFA's website.

CHIC # 128972

Cardiac - NORMAL

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) - CLEAR


Elbows - NORMAL

Hips - GOOD

Neonatal Encephalopathy - NORMAL

Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration (PRA-PRCD) - CLEAR

Von Wilderbands - NORMAL

Giselle has completed the following health testing. Giselle's health testing information can also be viewed on OFA's website

CHIC# 128973

Cardiac - NORMAL

Elbow - NORMAL

Eyes - NORMAL 


Neonatal Encephalopathy - NORMAL

Von Wilderbands - CLEAR


Both Javier and Giselle, have their own page on our website, where additional photos of them can be seen, as well as they can both be seen throughout our website and Facebook page. 


Both Javier are Giselle are titled, as well as the dogs in their pedigree Champion/performance lines 


Puppies were born early May 2021

There are two cream females in this litter.


As always our puppies are raised in our family home. They are being socialized with our humans as well as other other dogs. 


The puppies have started going out started going outside to go potty. We do start crate training before puppies leave for their new homes. 


The puppies have been to the veterinarian. They are age appropriately dewormed. They have received their first vaccination (which is all the are eligible to receive at this age). They have been examined by the veterinarian. They will come with their veterinarian issued health certificate and their vaccination record. 

The puppies did great on the car ride to the vet and back home - no car sickness. 


The puppies are doing well with their grooming, their crate training, etc. Besides visiting with our other dogs the puppies have visited the horses and barn cats (horse and cats through the fence). 

Almost ready to leave for their new homes 


Cream female Standard Poodle puppy wearing purple collar is available and ready to join her new family now

Please fill out puppy application if interested and contact us with any questions DandDKennel@AOL.com 610-587-7010. 


About D and D Standard Poodle Puppies

Our puppies are raised in our family home, including adults, child and other dogs. Our puppies get well socialized with both people of various ages and other dogs. Puppies get  used to hearing a variety of sounds from regular household appliances, children's toys, to tvs, to vacuum cleaners, to other animals making noises, to grooming equipment such as clippers, clipper vac, drummel, and air force dryer, and things like the lawn mower and or tractor, etc. 

We start grooming our puppies early on. We are professional groomers, and our business is on the other side of our property. Puppies start out being groomed in our home. When the puppies get older they do also get groomed at our grooming business. The puppies leaving home to go to our business can help the puppies get used to leaving home to go to the groomers as many dogs do. Puppies do also go to our business on a daily basis once they are old enough so this does also help to add to their exercising, socializing, getting used to leaving home, and more. What kind of grooming does this include you may ask. We cut their nails and or file their nails with a drummel. We have the puppies in a puppy cut - we shave the puppies' face, feet, a small portion of the tail, and sanitary area. Hair may also be trimmed. We brush their hair to ensure that it is nice and mat free. The puppies also get their ear hair plucked and ears cleaned. The puppies are washed and dried. Puppies experience drying.  Through this grooming experience puppies are handled/groomed all over and groomed with various types of grooming equipment that could be considered noisy and loud (which could be frightening or stressful for a dog not used to those sounds) the puppies are introduced to the grooming process and sounds before they even get to their new owners. Puppies are groomed on a regular basis as well as just prior to going to their new homes. Beginning grooming dogs at an early age and on a regular basis is good. Many dogs who are not used to being groomed may be more easily stressed during grooming, may not cooperate for their grooming which may also result in the dog remaining at the groomer for a longer time period and a higher grooming cost for their owner. By starting grooming the puppies at a young age and on a regular basis we have found this very helpful. Puppies should all be very cooperative for grooming when they leave us. We recommend they continue to be groomed regularly as this is good for the puppy for the future, as well as Standard Poodles do require regular grooming throughout their lives. 
Puppies also start going for short car rides. We like to start the puppies traveling in the car both in a crate and on the seat with dog seat belt so they are introduced to it before leaving for their new home, and whichever method their new owner chooses to use. It can also be state law for you to have your dog confined to a crate or with a dog seat belt for traveling. 
It is good to start car rides early on. Sometimes some dogs don't go for car rides much, and sometimes they therefore associate car rides as a negative and or stressful event - some dogs even get car sick. We start taking the puppies for little car rides early on. That way the puppies start getting used to going for car rides.  

In addition to starting the puppies' training in grooming, and traveling, we do also focus on training in other areas as well. 

The puppies go out side to go potty. Puppies are started on crate training as we have found this is an effective method in house breaking a puppy, as well as keeping a puppy safe when unattended. Getting a puppy used to a crate is important for a new owner who may crate train their puppy, or have their puppy travel in a crate. 

We start manners training as well. 

In addition to socializing with different people, we also start the puppies on socializing with other dogs. Its important that this is a positive experience for the puppies, as well as it is an important activity to start early on as we hope for the puppies to be social dogs all throughout their lives. With young puppies you do have to be careful with socialization with other dogs - it is important that the dogs are in good health, no transferrable illness, up to date on their vaccinations, and known to be social with other dogs (which these are). Mistakes commonly made when a new owner starts socializing their puppy are letting puppies meet unknown dogs (unknown behavior, unknown health, unknown vaccination status), not monitoring the interaction carefully (and possibly not be educated of signs to look out for such as signs of aggression) which could lead to the puppy being injured or scared. If a puppy is injured that could result in a veterinarian visit. If the puppy is scared that can be hurtful to the puppy's socialization process and be a big set back in ensuring you have a dog who is social with other dogs throughout his/her lifetime.

We do also recommend that you follow up with enrolling your new puppy in some sort of puppy kindergarten class, AKC STAR Puppy, or similar class. These classes are very beneficial for both puppies and new owners. This way you can not only continue the puppy's training, but you can also continue socializing your puppy with other dogs and other people, and get them used to traveling as well.  


Past puppies

Want to see more of our past puppies? Check out our past puppies photo album. For more of our past puppies check out the Puppies in their new homes page of our website that also includes updates of the puppies as they grow, photos of them from puppy age on, as well as updates and testimonials from their owners. 

Also check out our girl's pages, as GywnGiselle, and Teagan are also past puppies of ours

UKC CH D and D's Giselle Up and Over the Top CGCA BN RN RAE CD
UKC CH D and D's Gwyneira Shivering Up A Storm BN RN CGCA TKN

D and D's Teagan RN TKN VHMP